How Finsights Lab Can Help Meet Your Challenges

Do you want to know more about your customers or end-users, in order to solve a problem you are facing?

Do you have big and bold revolutionary ideas, but are currently constrained from trying them out?

Do you have a solution which you want tested  before you roll it out on a large scale, to determine if it is cost-effective?

Do you want to understand more about how your customers will react to a new product? (Link to Scale)


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How Finsights Lab Can Help Meet Your Challenges

  • FinSights Lab aims to work with a wide range of actors in the financial services market, on a variety of projects. This includes:
  • Supporting innovative ideas and translating them into effective products and programs.
  • Recognizing and tackling underperforming products to improve their value.
  • Supporting policy/regulation creation using effective data analysis and insights generation
  • Supporting public program design and rolloutFinSights Lab Charter

Our Approach

In every engagement, FinSights Lab will take a holistic approach, seeking to tackle
the underlying problem through the following 4-phased approach


Phase 1


Developing a deep and thorough understanding of the problem from a micro and macro perspective in order to support actionable insights aimed directly at developing solutions.

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Phase 2


Effective solutions are best designed using insights from rigorous and deep research and working collaboratively to best utilizes the skills and expertise of all stakeholders and avoids common design biases

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Phase 3


Testing designed solutions on-platform on a small to medium scale to ensure effectiveness prior to rollout. More rigorous and integrated testing than the phase 2 prototyping

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Phase 4


Scaling up proven solutions to the market, in order to realize the benefits of research driven, tested solutions.

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Building your knowledge

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FinSights Lab also plans to offer Executive Education Courses. Individuals in decision-making positions at public or private institutions in the financial sector in Tanzania are welcome to attend these in order to learn more.


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Our Team

Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) - Platform Owner and Technical Lead

FSDT is a market development program which seeks to systemically change how the financial market works for poor people, and thereby contribute to increased financial inclusion. Ultimately, FSDT aims to increase access and usage of financial services so that people on low incomes can grow and manage their finances.

Busara Center for Behavioral Economics - Research and Design Partner

Busara is a research and advisory firm dedicated to advancing and applying behavioral and data science in the Global South in pursuit of poverty alleviation, working with private and public-sector organizations in the financial inclusion space, providing context-applicable solutions to clients.

MasterCard Lab for Financial Inclusion – Technology Partner

The seventh in a series of MasterCard Innovation Hubs, MasterCard Labs for Financial Inclusion is the first Lab in Africa and the first to focus exclusively on financial inclusion. With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Lab seeks to impact more than 100 million people by bringing together MasterCard’s innovation and global financial inclusion capabilities under one roof, combining these with local expertise and insight.

FinSights Lab Advisory Group (FLAG)

An advisory team that comprises experts in the fields of financial services, economics, product design and development as well as financial inclusion. This advisory group will meet on a quarterly basis to provide expert insights on all problem statements, underperforming products, policies etc. brought towards FinSights Lab. Experts from the FLAG group will join the executive education program to share their expertise with the wider community.