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The Rise of Street Vendors in Tanzania and Its Economic Implications

June 28 @ 2:00 pm - 3:20 pm

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FSDT and UNDP contracted REPOA to conduct a deep dive research on the rise of street vendors (machinga, particularly women and youth machinga) in Tanzania and its economic implications. The research applied predominantly qualitative methodologies to explore the dynamics of street vending business, including: The challenges that street vendors face when it comes to growing their businesses, accessing finance; finding conducive working environment; the study also explores the opportunities that exist for different stakeholders to play their part to improve the business environment of street vendors. The goals for conducting this study are to support:

  • Financial service providers (FSPs) to provide relevant and appropriate financial products and services for women and youth who depend on street vending as their primary source of income.
  • Regulators and policy makers to craft enabling regulations and policies for access to finance for these segments, as well as a smooth transition towards a cash lite society.

About the webinar:

Language: Swahili

The webinar has several key objectives. Firstly, we seek to analyse the economic contributions of street vendors in Tanzania amidst rapid urbanization. Secondly, we aim to assess the challenges faced by street vendors, including working conditions and limited access to financial services. Thirdly, we will examine government initiatives aimed at formalizing the informal economy and supporting street vendors. Finally, we aim to identify actionable recommendations for integrating street vendors into the formal economy to promote inclusive economic growth.

Expected outcomes:

  1. Enhanced understanding of the economic role of street vendors in Tanzania.
  2. Increased awareness on the challenges of street vending in Tanzania.
  3. Increased awareness on the potential opportunities to address the challenges facing street vending in Tanzania.
  4. Identification of actionable recommendations to support street vendors and promote sustainable economic growth.


Economist & Branch Manager Bank of Tanzania - Mbeya

Julia Seifert

Julia Seifert

Research and Insights Consultant

FSDT (Moderator)

Samora Lupalla

Samora Lupalla

Project Portfolio Manager

FSDT (Presenter)

Acting Managing Director and Chief Editor – Mwananchi Communications

Director, Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Special Groups.

Webinar Agenda

The Rise of Street Vendors in Tanzania and Its Economic Implications

28th June 2024

2.00pm to 2.05pmWelcomingModerator, FSDT
2.05pm to 2.10pmOpening RemarksCEO, FSDT
2.10pm to 2.25pmKey findings presentation from the street vendor studyModerator, FSDT
2.25pm to 2.55pmPanel Discussion-Reflections on the findings-Opportunities and recommendations for the financial sectorTBD
2.55pm to 3.10pmQ & AAudience
3.10pm to 3.20pmWrapping up and way forwardModerator, FSDT