Our Vision, Mission, Values & Governance Structure

Our Vision

FSDT’s vision is to achieve a transformative financial sector, offering inclusive and sustainable financial solutions that improve the livelihood, wellbeing, and empowerment of Tanzanians.


FSDT’s mission is to support the financial sector in delivering inclusive, quality financial solutions (wide ranging, affordable, responsive, relevant to financial needs, reliable and delivered in a transparent manner) that will improve the well-being and livelihood of underserved Tanzanians, particularly women and youth.

We are driven by a set of values that drive the way we work

Impact oriented

FSDT is a market facilitator/catalyst through its thought leadership and valued Partnerships, which ensure interventions are planned and implemented to achieve sustainable results.


We believe in creating an environment for creativity, readiness to learn, idea generation, knowledge sharing, and adaptive pivoting.


We are committed to the equitable treatment of all, and to the elimination of discrimination, in all its forms, at all organizational levels, and throughout all programs.


FSDT creates direct positive impact through honesty and exposure, which promotes trust, and increases motivation.


FSDT demonstrates self-awareness, accountability, responsibility, and truthfulness, as well as that our actions are internally consistent, both morally and ethically.


FSDT portrays a professional image through reliability, consistency, honesty, and delivering on work outcomes to agreed-upon standards of quality, using timescales and being accountable for our actions.

Governance Structure

As stipulated in the Trust Deed (June 2015), the trustee holds the capital and the income of FSDT in trust to invest in-line with the trust’s objectives and ensuring that all statutory/legal compliances are met. In theory, the trustee has responsibility for the management of the trust, but requires a “no objection” from the PIC for significant decisions in practice transfers which are the ultimate fiduciary duty to the PIC. The PIC then becomes the de facto governing body.

The trustee is responsible for hiring and supervising the work of senior management (executive director, program director, finance manager, and others). The current trustee is Rex Attorneys, who has been serving the FSDT since 1st October 2017.

Following the completion of the past strategy (2015 – 2020), the FSDT has undergone major governance structure transformation, as is characterised here below:

  • PIC constitutes the primary FSDT governance body, supported by the trustee.
  • Adoption of integrated PIC structure led to the incorporation of independent sector members with technical expertise into the PIC, and abolished the Investment Committee body.
  • PIC has responsibility for approving and providing oversight of strategy and programme implementation, including to:
    • Arrange quarterly meetings supplemented by additional meetings as deemed necessary;
    • Provide detailed review of programme reports, investment proposals, and other reports;
    • Appoint independent members to provide sector, legal, technical, and management expertise; and
    • Establish sub-committees to take responsibility for specific tasks (e.g., evaluations, risk, and internal audit, etc.)

FSDT deploys an overall lower-level organizational structure aligned to a matrix structure. This is in order to promote communication and collaboration amongst team members.