A holistic approach to drive the financial inclusion agenda

The financial inclusion agenda is complex, requiring new thinking and action across all stakeholder groups to keep pace with change and effect sustainable improvement in financial inclusion.

FSDT is committed to its approach to expand and deepen the financial sector though its work to stimulate connected thinking and coordinated action, working in partnership with all stakeholder groups.

In our role of thought leadership, we aim to embed evidence-based thinking in business and policy development, addressing challenges as well as unlocking market opportunities by connecting financial inclusion to the finance sector and its future direction.

On the demand side, FSDT seeks to build capacity via a coordinated approach to gather consumer data, share and provide insights among policy-makers and financial service providers to reframe market perceptions and nurture new markets.

National Financial Inclusion Framework

National Financial Education Framework

FinScope Tanzania studies 2006, 2009, 2013, 2017


FinSights Lab


Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) driving the financial inclusion agenda through digital innovation

14 Aug 2017

Digital financial services have had a remarkable impact on financial inclusion in Tanzania. Since its inception in 2008, mobile money usage has grown to 17m active users, enabling millions of previously unbanked Tanzanians to have convenient, affordable access to payment services.


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FinScope Tanzania
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