Stimulating innovation through public-private partnerships

The financial sector in Tanzania is unrecognisable from that of just 20 years ago.  Financial solutions can be accessed from anywhere in the country using a mobile phone, offered by a wide-range of new entrants to the market and the regulatory and legal environment has rapidly evolved to provide oversight to a wide range of new areas.

As a result, formal financial inclusion has increased fourfold, but new thinking is crucial to drive the financial inclusion agenda further. To meet the needs of all consumer groups, evidence-based innovative business strategies, policies and laws are crucial for an enabling and protective environment for both service providers and customers.

FSDT is working to address the challenge of closing the innovation gaps among these groups through public-private partnerships, forward-thinking policies and customer-led business strategies.

Supporting regulatory and legal innovation

National Financial Inclusion Frameworks

Microinsurance policy

National Payment Systems Strategy

Promoting innovation to overcome market constraints


The Gathering

The Huddle

Catalysing innovative change through market evidence

FinScope studies



Bill Gates in Dar es Salaam this week to support financial inclusion and the future of digital financial services in Tanzania

14 Aug 2017

This week, Bill Gates was in Dar es Salaam to support Tanzania’s financial inclusion agenda, among other BMGF projects. Joining leaders from government, financial service providers, mobile network operators and digital financial service providers, he took part in roundtable discussions to explore the potential contribution of digital financial services in improving livelihoods and enterprise productivity across the country.


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FinScope Tanzania 2017
The Journey of FinScope
FinScope Tanzania
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