Client Portfolio

Each tool and methodology has been selected to be flexible and simple, offering the least disruption to the client’s everyday business, while offering value in a range of environments.

●     Mobile Network Operators

●      Banks

●      Insurance companies

●      MFIs

●      SACCOs

●      Forex Exchange Service Providers

●      Fintechs

●      PayGo utilities (e.g. PayGo solar companies)

●      Think Tanks

●      Research institutions



Public sector service providers /parastatals and regulators:

●      Public pension funds

●      Health insurance Funds

●      Other public health programs

●      Cash transfer programs

●      Public utilities

●      State-owned companies

●      Regulatory bodies  


While we think that these institutions may be particularly interested, we would like to hear from any institutions that have a problem that they would like FinSights Lab to solve. These can range from general aims (e.g. how to onboard more youth customers or regulate a new market), to revamping underperforming products, to designing new and effective products, decrees, data/nuance challenges or draft policies.