Thought leadership

Leading evidence-based new thinking in the financial sector

Continued progress in improving financial inclusion is not possible without ongoing transformation of stakeholders’ policies and strategies, based on robust data and new thinking.

Addressing market constraints requires coordinated thinking and combined effort across government, regulatory, supply and demand sectors, supported by robust and up-to-date market data, expert insight and coordinated multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Building on the remarkable progress made in improving access to financial services across the country, FSDT is leading public-private partnerships to address gaps in the market through innovative customer-led policy and strategies. Our approach is holistic, using evidence and consumer insights to influence market players to reframe the way they think about key issues or customer needs and to generate new insights or solutions of their own.

Advocating for change in the financial sector

National Financial Inclusion Frameworks

Microinsurance policy

National Payment Systems Strategy

Promoting smart ways to overcome market constraints


The Gathering

The Huddle

Stimulating increased usage of financial services

FinScope studies



For Tanzanians, digital banking eases payments, cuts cash risks, long queues in banking halls

21 Sep 2016

Richard Kazimoto, an IT expert in Dar es Salaam-Tanzania, vividly remembers a recent ugly scene in Dar es salaam streets when a director at a Telecom company was gunned down in day light by robbers.


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FinScope Tanzania 2017
The Journey of FinScope
FinScope Tanzania
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