Board Members

PIC Members

  • Suleiman Missango (Bank of Tanzania)
  • Stephen Kijazi (Global Affairs Canada)
  • Ihunyo Nzogere (Embassy of Denmark)
  • Mattias Lindström (Embassy of Sweden)
  • Amani M’bale (Bill & MelindaGates Foundation)
  • George Mulamula (Dar Teknohama Business Incubator)


  • Mwanaidi Maajar (Rex Attorneys)
  • Daudi Ramadhani (Rex Attorneys)

Investment Sub-Committee

  • Eng. Dr. George Mulamula – CEO, DTBi (InvCom Chair)
  • Mr. Lawrence Mafuru- Co-founder and Managing Partner, Bankable Tanzania
  • Dr. Natu Mwamba- Snr Lecturer, University of Dar es Salaam
  • Dr. Irene Isaka- Lecturer, Institute of Finance Management
  • Mr. Samwel Kilua- Programme Director, Gatsby Africa
  • Mr. Peter Ulanga- Consultant: Digital Economy, African Development Bank Group
  • Mr. Ihunyo Boniface- Manager, Embassy of Denmark (PIC Representative)

Latest news

Youth barriers to financial inclusion
1st November 2021
Fostering Alternative Know Your Customer (KYC) for Younger Youth in Tanzania Contributing Authors: Irene Madeje Mlola (Interim Executive Director) and Anna Jubilate Mushi, (Head of Gender and Youth), FSDT “Younger youth offer a unique opportunity to be capitalized on, but at the same time they face unique challenges that need an exceptional eye and approach […]
Public Announcement
15th June 2021
FINANCIAL SECTOR DEEPENING TRUST LEADERSHIP TRANSITION The registered Trustee of the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (“FSDT”) announces the leaving of the Executive Director, Mr. Sosthenes Kewe, after 15 years of dedicated service at FSDT. The development partners recognize and are very appreciative of the contribution that Mr. Kewe has made to the achievements in financial […]
Gender barriers to financial inclusion
17th May 2021
Addressing Gender Barriers in the ID Acquisition Process in Tanzania By Anna Jubilate Mushi, Head of Gender & Youth, FSDT “IDs represent a huge opportunity for low-income women to realize their full potential, and are enablers of bridging the existing gender gap in political, social and ecnomic spheres; however, if the ID acuisition process is […]


The future of FinDisrupt
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The Journey of FinScope
FinScope Tanzania
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